Cryo Aesthetics NI Before and After Scar Fading

After being exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood and healing enzymes through the blood vessels can increase the production of collagen which may lead to greater skin elasticity and firmness, reducing stretch marks and scar tissue.
Using targeted Cryo-stimulation with the TruCryo technology helps cool body tissue to below zero temperatures . This seems to have an effect on scar management. This treatment may have a benefit in improving the appearance of scars by affecting the underlying scar tissue.

Single Treatment £ 75.00

x 3 Treatments £ 200.00 ( Saving £ 25.00 )

x 5 Treatments £ 320.00 ( Saving £ 55.00 )

x 10 Treatments £ 600.00 ( Saving £ 175.00 )